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Programming fundamentals with ISTA+

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NOTE: Programming with ISTA+ is only possible with an ICOM and a 70+ amp rated Power Supply. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PROGRAM WITH ISTA+ WITHOUT THESE TWO ITEMS!
  • Programming can be accessed via the “Vehicle management” / “Software update” menu.
  • The planned actions are initially produced in the measures plan. The measures plan determined after the vehicle test can be done directly in the “Comfort” tab, or added to manually beforehand in the “Advanced” tab, then calculated and executed.
  • The car can be programmed to the latest I level using the comfort software update without any further actions based on the measures plan which has already been determined.
  • It is not possible to select additional actions manually in this menu.
  • Initializations and follow-up operations that might be required are automatically added during the measures plan calculation.

All other modes of programming and pre/post requirements are discussed in detail in the Help Document located at ~\Rheingold\Help folder.
  • Software update
  • Comfort – as per the suggested measures plan
  • Advanced – with broadened scope
  • Additional software (range of functions is not active yet)
  • Control unit replacement
  • Before exchange (preparation) – control unit read-out for the exchange
  • After exchange (subsequent evaluation) – control unit configuration after exchange
  • Vehicle modification
  • Retrofit
  • Conversion
  • Conversion (only coding)
  • Backfitting
  • Immediate measures

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