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BMW Carly  VM Electronic Delivery - BMW Diagnose Software INPA Download

BMW Carly VM Electronic Delivery

Diagnostic Software

  • €1.90EUR

iViNi Carly for BMW

11/2018 29.12 (Pro 28.90)

Here is the updated latest Carly for BMW version and in-app purchases unlocked. This is the complete solution for those of you that don't have a rooted device or want to use it on a computer. You'll have access to all the paid options like DPF regeneration, service interval reset & the others.
    • Featuring:
      Option one (Rooted AND non-rooted devices):
      Android apk - Carly for BMW - untouched - original APK from Play Store. Coding + Battery registration unlocked! Works on both rooted phones and NON-rooted phones. Just install it like normal. Go inside the app and activate it. DONE.
    • Only on a rooted phone, can unlock locked functions.
  • Option two (Rooted devices):
    • Install the latest Carly for BMW apk.
    • (Remove all pre-existing versions or traces of the app before installation.)
    • Don't run the app! Instead, download "Titanium Backup" from Google Play Store. Install Titanium Backup.
    • Go inside Titanium and backup the "Carly for BMW PRO" application.
    • Now download the "TitaniumBackup Carly full in app.rar" 
    • Use your favourite file manager/method to get the backup files extracted from the archive, onto your device.
    • Close Titanium Backup.
    • Browse to the folder where Titanium Backup stores the backups you have made. Delete the backup files named: com.iViNi.bmwhatFull-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx.tar.gz (xxxxx is the date and time you made your backup).
    • Copy the files from the extracted archive into that directory, where you used to have your old backup.
    • Fire up Titanium Backup. Now make a restore of the "Carly for BMW PRO" app. Make sure you ONLY press "DATA" and not the other option when prompted.
    • Launch Carly for BMW PRO application on your device, activate it and ALL options should be unlocked.
  • Download the [BMW] Carly for BMW 
  • In VirtualBox - File=>Import Virtual Appliance
  • Choose the downloaded OVA file and on the next step tick "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards."
  • Run the machine and while it's running go to menu Machine > Disable Mouse Integration or simply press Right CTRL + I to enable/disable mouse integration.
  • Next step - plug the K+D-can cable, start the virtual machine and transfer it to it - from the menu - Devices>USB choose your cable (usually something that has 600 in the name, but probably you'll know which one is it...). If in the virtual machine it will ask you - whether you want to start Carly for BMW  - don't, you need to start Carly from the Freedom App.
  • In the virtual machine launch Freedom, go through the list and choose Carly. It might take a while, but it will launch it as usually. Connect to your car.
  • Go to a paid option you want to get - DPF regeneration, service intervals reset or else and click Unlock this feature - the Google payment window will appear, and it will show a Free card selected. If nothing happens after pressing the button - click the other one (Continue to...)
  • For the Android x86 to work in a Virtual machine your PC needs to support hardware virtualization - check your BIOS settings - "Virtualization", "VT-x" or "AMD-V" need to be enabled and after that make sure that in the VirtualBox, in the virtual machine - System => Acceleration there is a check on "Enable VT-x/AMD-V".
  • NOTE: WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHATEVER MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOUR DEVICES WHEN DOING THIS. THIS METHOD IS FOR TESTING/EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY. bmw diagnostic software inpa download ista diagnosebmw diagnostic software inpa download ista diagnosebmw diagnostic software inpa download ista diagnosebmw diagnostic software inpa download ista diagnosebmw diagnostic software inpa download ista diagnose

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